Will credits transfer to or from other law schools?

We will accept up to 16 credit hours from an accredited school, but which credits are accepted is not decided until after acceptance.

Can credits transfer from NSL to another law school?

That is decided by the school to which the student transfers.

What does non-ABA accredited mean?

It means NSL has never applied for or been granted ABA (American Bar Association) accreditation.

Will I be able to practice in another state?

The decision as to whether an NSL graduate may sit for the Bar Exam and be licensed to practice is up to the other individual states.

Can a student be accepted who has been academically dismissed?

It depends on that person’s circumstances.

What if my college degree is from another country?

The transcript will have to be evaluated by a service that determines the equivalency of the foreign degree to a U.S. Bachelor’s degree.

Do you accept online degrees?

NSL does not accept degrees from exclusively online schools. We do accept degrees from some online degree programs affiliated with that schools that have a physical campus.

Do you offer online classes?


If a student is full-time does that allow for their prior student loans to be deferred?

There is no guarantee that any of the student loans can be deferred since we are not ABA accredited. The student can request a deferment letter from us part-time or full-time.
 We simply send in a letter with the student classes, dates, and cost of tuition to the loan company. The student will have to wait and see at that point if the loan company will approve the deferment.

Do you look at undergraduate GPA?

This will be considered along with the LSAT score in computing the Index.

Do you look at graduate GPA?

The Admissions Committee looks at it, but it is not calculated into the index.

What is my Index score?

Index score is figured as follows:
Undergraduate Cumulative GPA x 10 + 80% of LSAT score = Index.

Can I specialize in any particular area of law?

Yes. The variety of electives offered provides instruction in particular areas of the law.

Can one become an Attorney with a felony background?


Can I graduate earlier than 4 years?

No. Why? Due to required courses.

What is rolling admissions?

Applications are processed at the time they are received.

When will I receive a letter for registration information?

Registration information usually goes out about 2 months before classes begin.

What is part-time and full time?

6 credit hours is part-time and 12 credit hours is full-time.

What time do classes start, and how long do they last?

Classes are Monday and Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:10 p.m. and 8:20 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

What is auditing a class?

Attending a class without receiving credit for the class.

Can I audit a class without taking the LSAT?

Only with the permission of the Registrar.

Can I audit a class and the school I am attending will take it as a transfer credit?


Are we accredited by the U.S. Board of Education?

No. We are approved by the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners.

What degree is given?

Doctor of Jurisprudence.

By being a senior citizen, will I qualify for any grants or anything special?


What is the deadline for applications to be turned in?

June 15th.